Who is Groo?

Groo ensures continuous insight into your customers and employees and thorough understanding. We think out of the box and look for new opportunities to create solutions for your customers and employees. Everything we do revolves around winning and performing together with you and your team. Are you ready to Groo?

Beyond Feedback

It is not only about collecting feedback, but especially what you do with that feedback. We are firmly convinced of that at Groo. It is important to give back the direct feedback so that your employees get immediate insight into what customers and employees think of the performance. But Groo goes beyond this feedback.

By collecting all data and information, insight is gained into the bigger picture. Why is one customer angry or not satisfied and why are the employees you want to keep leaving? At the moment when this dissatisfaction arises, countless other experiences precede. Based on the feedback from your customers and employees, our knowledge and 25 years of experience in customer and employee research, We discover the truth that really matters in order to make behavioral changes and create promoters.

Why Groo?

Groo creates the mindset of a winning team that performs for your customers. We are constantly looking for results and progress, but also for in-depth analysis and content. Everything to win. From ad hoc solutions to sustainable behavioral change. With engaged employees and enthusiastic customers as a result.